Warriors Championship Ring Ceremony and Banner Unveiling, Presented by Jason of Beverly Hills

The Warriors received their 2018 NBA Championship rings and raised their 2018 Championship Banner during a ceremony prior to the team’s season opener.


I hate Gundam

I love action movies in 3D but i hate horror movies in 3D

Renae Rice

Flappy Jackie yes he can

Joel Alvarenga

FaZe Rug

Chris Da Prince


Latifah Mind Ashaari

i like coby ☑

1 like= 1 pray for her and her baby girl Same as name dropping trump tower again to push mental buttons to link and play mind games for no real factual connectivity to story reasonings..

Meena Rabinson


Mike Toreno

Violonist viola violin? Cello! Cellists viola viola flute! CLARINET!!! Violin....viola! Violist flute piano guitar. Cello organ flute? Cello organ mandolin? Violist.......violist violonist. Double Basse viola? Clarinet clarinet, octobasse. Violin violist octobasse cello violin, cello violonist viola violin viola cello organ flute piano guitar!!!

Dahlia Spears

This is my life




Hit it! :D

3 is a number But I was planned ????

Heath Northam

Goddamn, Halle Berry is beautiful

shadic 950

that last one was the best

PitBullsAnd Labradors

In year 4 I almost lost my best friend to cancer, it’s really emotional and scary to go through something like that


That last shot sucked

Kim Stapleton, mimi I love u

Anxious Potato

I'm just very gay and feminine

Rubber Duck

While I agree that these are all legit easter eggs. You can get console commands on console using mods like jtag or rgh.

My Potato's

Is there gonna be another Frozen?!? I hope so, XD


There's another one in the incredibles. Look which locker Mr Incredible stuffs the body into

Cendeline Metelus

I remember when I help that lady and her baby she was so hungry the poor baby was crying and my mom had giving me money I forgot how much it was but it was a lot it was to buy colthes for me and I saw her and the. baby so I walk towards her and the baby and give her the money she was thinking me and crying I wish I could do more but I couldn't and I also help a man I give him 20 dollars but when I grow up and become the famous ballerina I want to be I'm gonna help kids animals and grown ups I will make the world a better place I swear to my life i won't change what I say I will make a difference I'm the world future


Jack bro cool

Who watch this at 2019

Shag Khan


Itza Navarro

There’s literally no explanation for being a gold digger


Whenever they set up their own pins outside of an actual bowling alley, the pins are way closer together than normal, making a strike so much easier.

Specially the HL1 one, I've been a half-life-nerd all my life and I didn't know about that easter egg. Sir, you deserve an internet!