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Video Artis Wanita: Artis Pria: Musisi: Cast. Film: Pasangan Celebrity: Komunitas: Inpirasi Profesi: Tonight Challenge: Tonight News: Perform: show malam yang akan memberikan informasi dan hiburan, bersama Vincent, Desta dan Hesti Purwadinata serta bintang tamu dari berbagai kalangan. Menemani istirahat malam, Tonight Show sarat akan kejutan yang sayang untuk dilewatkan.

V-ral Gaming

2:18 in the map there are a bunch of buildings that spell GURU

Galaxy Animations

My 11 year old friend has cancer


On the Harry Potter Easter egg the shelf when you look up when u enter his "room" there is a skull and it spins. The rest is creepy. Go find out yourself

Luke Borman

I love that you were skating with Jamie and Tyler

cesar z _seabass


Shaun Fustin

Hi I want you to get to 1 Mille


I feel so bad for coby at 5:04 poor thingteam Cody

aravind gudimetla

watching In 2018 ..i love volleyball

Alexander Ewing Ewing

u should do surfing

Dingus McMingus

Squeaks Judgmentally

Wanwimol Kwunyajai

Gacha story the elemental sisters in a nutshell as a movie

Jelly Bean Animations

Poor panda each like is a prayer that panda will survive another video

Jose Manzano

i'm early ^-^

Jc Pancake

Make some far cry 4 Easter eggs      -have a nice week 

Mahesh Mandaviya

I am support the dude perfect

Candyse Daniels

mine was 200

Addison Chapman

this made me tear up

Logan Page

you guys are awesome




This is kinda cool i guess.

Keith Rambo

Carli Lloyd plz

Waseem Sagar

I know how to do water bottle flips

Me: my opinion not trying 2 be rude but sorry anyway..........

Amon McEachern

I saw a who holding a umbrella, some books, and a fish from the Cat and the hat

I still think my parents wont be proud of me

Jakob Bruun

My question is: How the fuck do you find this stuff man?!

Luna Stars

bf:hits the girl



The Constitution created a DIRECT democracy, when the People of each state OVERRULED their governments in order to place themselves in FINAL AUTHORITY. A direct democracy of SEPARATE NATIONS. And no, a direct democracy is not REQUIRED to have people voting on ALL laws; obviously they can APPOINT a republican form of government, but the People will simply be able to OVERRULE it. Like they DID, in 1787. But then, charlatans began re-writing history in order to claim what THIS video pimps-- i.e. that it was a TOTALITARIAN Democracy. This is the LIE which must be opposed. FACT.

john smith

so much fake!! i want to drink bleach!!


Raiders stadium!

Cici Rosie

1 like= 100 boys/girls/non-binaries safe from sexual assult

Migz Kenway

cod ghosts has an amazing easter eggs!

like if you cryed or thought it was really sad

Lilhedgehog 857

Your amazing

Dylan Soerodiwongso


ISingand DoOtherThings

Doctor Octopus Daredevil and Deadpool Wade Winston Wilson references In the mcu only Jimmy Kimmel can make it happen Man

Athena Liora

lmao i have that same toaster and it’s mad annoying😔

Harrison Fritz

Same field for dunk tank fifa

Shawn Dillard

Hot chicks and hot chicken wings


unless this wasn't well explained, why is it a problem for your boyfriend to touch you? not sexually but maybe put his hand on your leg? idk but in a way I feel like this girl is overreacting.

Reid gatewoods


Yujin Yanaka

I'm a boy

Kimberlee McCoy

dude to 888111

emi carra

In the last shot that plane wasnt necesary .-.



Master Cuddles

You truly are the "guru." I absolutely love your videos man.


Estaba esperando tanto esta tercera parte


Oh also the main character don't know his name not got PS3 he is also voiced by same person who plays Desmond miles in assassins creed I think