THIS IS A MUST WATCH!!!! BandGang Javar "How Can I Stop Pt. 2" Feat. Brielle Lesley (REACTION)

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Rap Attack



190? damn you're tall

Storm Swanson

Mx stereotypes

Malky EMW

i saw pandas face it is one of the producers


This is dope... Real nigga shit! Nhip nipsey tha great! #thamarathoncontinues Nh



Josh Thomas

Yo, Steve Kerr goofy bro 😂

Girl : hmm.. Like it go right

Computer Bags

I think I’m autistic, but how do I know for sure?

Simon estifanos

its funny how the black guy made it

Marco Trejo

This episode could've gone like 20 more minutes and I'd still watch lol

Talented Singers

Next watermelon

Soferia Nebruin

Examples of group think: political "correctness," YouTube, social networks, the New Age movement, university "education," politics, religions, concepts of "unity"........the entire world is formed of group thinkers and it will be its downfall. Paradoxically, unity can only be achieved through extreme diversity; however, too many people hold the false notion that the more alike they are, the more unified they are.