Using Spring Boot With JAX-RS(Jersey) - Comparing Spring Boot With JAX-RS

Using Spring Boot With JAX-RS(Jersey).We are Comparing Spring Boot withJAX-RS. We are Comparing Spring Boot REST and JERSEY REST.Difference between JAX-RS and Spring Rest.Spring Boot REST and JERSEY RESTSpring Boot REST and JAX-RS REST.Spring Boot provides the spring-boot-starter-jersey module that allows you to use the JAX-RS programming model for the REST endpoints instead of Spring MVC. It works quite well with Jersey.Follow Me on :- Linux:-Anti-Virus - Heal Free :- COURSE LINKS:+ Repo - Atom editor - Download GIT - Visual Studio Code - TO CHANNEL - Spring Boot Tutorials Playlist ==========Spring MVC for Beginners Playlist =============Social Links ==================FaceBook -

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