Hibernate Tutorial 31 - Projections and Query By Example

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to use Projections to fine tune the results of the Criteria API. We'll also use Query By Example (QBE) to easily specify multiple where clauses in a single example object.

Eric bywaters

I know twich, won't have very much of e3 this year

Nintendo Boy

I love deer so hunting is DEFINITELY not for me

Talented Singers

Next watermelon

Melissa Butler

Tyler is the worst

Gareth Williams

Not sure the difference is significant enough to warrant another purchase if you have FFVIII on Steam already.

Braden Crowley

The old guy is the best part of this channel

pugtoriouse official

It probably would've been way less painful if u got a C-section

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kiki Rajani

Anyone in 2019?

Palabatla Anish

yeah paintball would be good as your next target

No1s Perfxct

Don’t forget that a mans was paid to call it Frozen 2.

Days Divided Digital

you lucky fucks :)


Can they do a pool table giveaway?

adib naufal

Team Coby


Am I the only one who thinks the toy story scene wasn't satsfying


What the hell was up with the Futurama reference at the end?

Surprised Trinket

Idk if this is a weird idea or what but in another stereotype video, make someone else do the rage monster which makes Tyler mad and two rage monsters happen at once.


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Victoria E

Awe!!! You're adorable....

Mofakhir Alam

Very nice bro

purple milkshake

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Shane Lockaby

Thumbs up if you don't have the game...but will on Christmas lol


Fortnite: We have John Wick skin.


can you link the video at the end?


how to unlock sniper rifle?

Technical planes

Please do Real life trick shot 4


The Rube Goldberg machine dropped a mini nuke a few missiles and a book in the corner that you missed




i died when she said Lance Armstrong omfg lloloolol

Music Fanatic

@ 0:23 the lighting is amazing

Goblin: i am also there .

Ilham Mohamed

Alaïa looks so much like Elle in this!!!

Hey_Its_ Alex

This video made me cry

It hurts