Femrat (Filem i plto)


Manziel is goin to jaguars or Texans

Greener Grey

Made by EA so i can assume we’d be lucky to get even half of this.

Pillsbury Doughboy

3:28 trap 4 people hu say it’s der bday

Meiko Menma Honma

4:22 Hey vsauce michael here

Julien Thibeaux

At the beginning the bunny is the one from saints row 2 after an easteregg that u do in it

Namita Sharma

This Is Cory 😎😎😎😎😎

not all of them. lol.

Louid Berish

in chapter 1 in the hall way of the girls loundge u can can find redrum

Danny Franco

Yea i know.

Daniel Coffman

Well, I think I know what the people hit with the Despicable You gun were thinking.


you dont say

syakir khairi

The last one was the saddest

A- Philly

Easter egg found truck number plate

Keaton Silver

They forgot the “Gets a phone call and ends up missing the whole movie”

لوفي المتهور


Magma YT

CoDy: runs through course

Kyle Mcclure

1) Don't worry Guru, I'll keep your secret on Sean. |

Diamondgirl459’s Channel

This video is so true. Thanks👍

Naimah Albiter

You have a disorder like the movie split


I know that 0.0001% of people will see this

Emanuel Lopes

Is a game or a R6 DLC?

Bill Christina

im pressured into playing basketball just because im tall.i watch youtube all day so i can learn i want to become a mom doesnt support it. im allways being ignored (im on my grandpas account) i want to leave my moms always on facebook and doesnt care about my grandma yelling,throwing things,and hurting us.i ran away 2 only to come back because i have no were to school says 1 more family insident and cps is mom constantly brings me down and on top of that im bullied at school. i tell my mom and all she says is WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? i am 12 and i havent seen my dad in 5 i have been unlike no longer drawing cute things and ever since i was a kid i drew people crying and i still do.i hate my mom and everyone so i have trust issues..and seeing this breaks my heart knowing that more kids have a even terrible story. stay safe and be strong! UWU

julianne moore

My girls love your videos:) Im a 48 year old Mom of 5... Im learning a lot about trying to get out there and do my own makeup again... Wish me the best...:)

Abdullah Yusaf

I know this is old but space needle in Seattle

Eyeball Paul

"fifty no's and a yes means yes" - bond, James bond

Kaylee L


Kitkat Mewcookie

miracles can happen

chazzer tron

Dat splatoon remix doe.

He needed some butter so he brought his knife to butter the bread

alex zambrano



wat song is it?

Jokty 12

Hey, gal

KINGS fan !

Lets hope it’s actually fake money

Not Important

Still worth 3 points

Open relationships can not function and can not exist for a long period of time without falling apart because of one simple reason.

Daniel A.

pikimin go


This happened to me

Chakameh Najdabbasi

Why did your dad do that aww