Dwyane Wade Top 10 Plays from 2018-2019 NBA Season

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Once I watched this... I knew the Elephant message because my friend flipped an Elephant and I loled at the message.

EarthShattering Gamez

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Misti Weaver

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Katelyn Hunter

17:29 gives Ethan a high ten and not Grayson XD #ethma

LaShaya Irving

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Maipriya Lor

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Nikolai Braun

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Kaidee-Mai Dickison

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Bailey Babcock

Is it just me or does it look like this is where “Drag Me Down” by one direction the music video shot?!?!


After watching this video I thought I might be able to make a little basketball hoop in my backyard 🍂😃


Kaka Karrotcake


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