A Night With Judika - Java Jive Gerangan Cinta


Adult Storybooth


omg this is so sad, alexa play something by hayley kiyoko

Light_Ashya _Alle

Is it only me or does he look like hero for hero

Adam Boshcohc

Team Cory

Platten wender

The samurai kick gave me the rest

Artak Koshtoyan

Congrats for winning ty

Milan Kocurišin

You spoiled the final reaction just in the intro

erika chiappone

hey guy of dude perfect

Jack L

I was waiting for the Wii Bowling sound when the 120 pins went down lol it looked like the same camera angles too hahaha


cake master

My life is garage but now it can get better!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Ross Hutton

great video

Rachel Grantland

winner winner chicken dinner


1:04 zombie says YABBA! MY ICING! GAWWWW :D

Have a try and enjoy :) →▷→▷\ipadnew


What bus has 3 seats in a row

I farted and someone heard me

Rahbab Hasan Anan

I knew it was kin Jung Un seen the thumbnail



Declan Johnston

She did not know. It’s not her fault.

Kid Gnarly


Dean Bliek

Crap holy cool nice do that again with him that would be cool

Yahya Asiri

بايو شوت انفنت bioshock infinte


Woo hoo you did the right thing girl. Let’s go girl woo hoo

Mr. smiles

I live with someone who has bipolar they never take meds 😢😢😢😢


Where is my backup pancake swag?

Z2A Games

Thats How Diavolo treats Polnareff

Soviet Piks


Yayo The Jowen

I love how Bijuu has green hair when he was a child... But anyways, I also love how Bijuu still kept smiling and becoming the cheerful person he is today even if he had all these problems in his life...

Hasan Yuksel

Warriors: We’re going for the Three-peat.

aaron merrill

what catch

Dan McDonald

a slight lack of sound track but good editing as always 🤗

Rika Rika

Yeah i stood up for my bully.... Now every body scared to bully me but it doesnt mean im the bully im still nice to people

Daisy Shennan

I cant tell them i have even been having extreme suicidle thoughts

Beng Abad

I think cody cannot swim a mile

worth not getting a shower for a week,i'd say


Não entendo isso achobque não é verdade manooo os cara faz tudo perfeito

Try to be you

He is the wors friend he is the worse human omg I hatee himm😠



Ofek Bar-el

Love your videos! each one is matched with a nice song that fits the video, Keep up the good work! :P


what's the song from the stanley parable easter egg x3?

kate murgatroyd

Do not worry Vic I know how that feels

harry keers


Where’s the milk?

David's Barry Allen?

(I don't, I don't)