Ami Bahreli Najroo - Hemant Chauhan [HD]

Jay Shri Krishna! Jay Shrinathji!

me: welp commits poverty because of cringe

Give me your Lunch money kid

Most people i knew with anxiety used thei disorder for attention


I have to say it, it's time...


It was in hunger games catching fire

Anna Spence

Rage Monster you need help.......

Richard Trinh

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance?

Tori Rose

Fashion Nova who?!

shawn johnsonn

who shoots with 9 shoot

Also for something like pepper jam don't use pint jars. Use 2 to 4 oz jars and adjust processing time accordingly

MLG Master

One that you missed is the person that uses too much chalk

Ludovic Demers

Wath is the song?

Jeremy Bickham

I love democracy


Me encanta el canal de dude perfect

Marjorie Chang

I get really excited w/Alesso ❤️ . Great message!

Mati Msp

It’s so sad😭


Damn, ... I'm impressed. I think it will inspire a resurgance of stage lovers!

Red Messenger

This should 100% be in the movie it would explain how all the superheros get there costume cleaned

xX Novyana Xx

Is there ANY sport these dudes can’t do?

Bruce Wayne

No godfather references?

Christine Bossu

Hi Tati! Thank you for the video. I think I will discover the Jouer products... And the Estee Lauder palette seems so beautiful.. Have a nice day. no fair.

Ora Nyan

"Kept you waiting, huh?"