Ultimate egg tricks video showing 40 incredible edible egg tricks you can try in your home kitchen.Life hacks with eggs that are shown in this video:1. Pealing an egg with a shaker2. Pealing a boiled egg3. Bacon cups with eggs4. Fried ham and egg bread5. Avo eggs6. Bacon egg and blueberries bunny7. How to hold up an egg8. Microwave egg9. Herbs in egg10. Pepper and Onion Rings11. Different fried eggs12. Egg funnel13. Egg candles14. How long to cook an egg15. How fresh is an egg16. How old is an egg17. Baking eggs18. Bouncy egg19. Chopstick egg20. Separating an egg with your hand21. Bottle yolk grabber22. Egg cutter23. Cheesy fried bread24. Scrambled egg in microwave25. Pepper and Onion Rings26. Herb Fried Egg27. Colourful Eggs28. Colourful Eggs 229. Heart Eggs30. Egg sandwich31. Heart Yolk 32. Heart Sausage Eggs33. Poached Eggs34. Straw Hack35. Getting shell out with water36. Eggshell cleaner hack37. Egg Bunny38. Boiled egg in kettle 39. Egg Basket40. Microwave fried eggsSee more egg tricks in my other videos: Thank you for watching my video

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I have ADHD , odd , symptoms of highly functioning Asperger syndrome and a leaning disably , my boyfriend is like me and I've been very sad lately and he's been making me feel better and this video made me feel tons better , thank you

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We Popped Out ft. XXXTentacion, Gekyume and Lil Peep

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