2019 FIM X-Trial World Championship | GRANADA FINAL | Bou vs Busto | BURNOUT

The Grand Final of the 2019 FIM X-Trial World Championship in Granada!Toni Bou and Jamie Busto faced off in the final in the first X-Trial to take place in Granada since 2008. Who would come out on top this time? Subscribe to BURNOUT:

Natalie Alvarez

I Have Contamination OCD. Last Year, I was Scared That I would Get Sick. I Avoided Food that Looked Old, Move Out of People ways When they Are Sick And Panic And Run Away From people That Say" I feel Like Vomiting" I made That Year Difficult For me Because I Was Worried That I Would Get Sick and People Can Vomit Anywhere Near Me. Now Its 2019, I Feel More Better. I Learned That People Avoid Going places When Sick and That Restaurants Make Sure Their Food Is safe.Am Sorry if It Contains The Word Vomit, I Know How It Feels.

Marinei Moura

Super cool

Fuego Boi


Cole Burtenshaw

Please do a Disneyland stereOtype

I don't blame you, dude 🤣

Thats why even the best dub sometimes pales in conparason to the origional.

he's got a bazillion of them


I want you to jump off a ride to a trampoline

Sofiia Sofiia

My mom is pregnant and sick she has Histamine and so do I. Histamine is an illness that makes you not be able to eat anything practically hers is worse than mine

Random things with atom

Team Coby all the way!


Do something with Cam Newton

S.O.S swag


Moza Almhmoud

Best trick shooter ever

Tmj Wilson

Let’s go

Akira Harum

1 like=1 hope she gets another baby girl.

Ella Casey

I knew this was jk Rowling before it even start...


amazing channel, love from canada <3

Carl Raptor

Half Life 3 Confirmed

cybotjoe 20


Nada Eldaly


fuckin lesion

i swear to god if there is a shitty dark souls reference


I want dlc for this game now c'mon naughtydog release some already!

glxing rxse

the office one had me dead and relaxed😂😂😭


Crossed my eyes but the 3D doesn't work :/

Shakeb Noor Sajjad

U people really know how to enjoy ur life....I wish I had that too...I will definitely make that....come true😈


Winona Daphne

why did i spend over 13 minutes watching a video about a fan theory on a fandom that i'm not even and have never been a part of? damn dude you're just too compelling


He had 30 every game this series, it's on his teammates. Don't tell me 27 isn't 30 haters.


I saw the DJ. Kaled sign. You (not) smart (jk)


Your mother and father are destroyed because your dying and all you care about is your hair?

The purple Taco

I'm up north in Minnesota



Jason Klemm

No running on the green

100 subscribers with no videos challenge

Who remembers Halo 3?

The Phantom Menace 9/10( i hate jar jar binksand he dose not shut up and annoying that mean qui gon and obi won saved the most annoying character in the star wars universe idiots and darth maul and yoda are awesome )

Neil Johnson