1 Elimination = 9,000 VBucks w/ My 13 Year Old Little Brother (Fortnite Challenge)

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NonesuchNinja TTV

React to Loqueesha trailer!!

Melody Grove

What song is that

Connor Lamb

In science we weee burning magnesium ribbon and my group was holding a long piece really hard and yelling “lumnos”

If you don’t like starbucks you might get hit by a ca

Sofia Iwaszewicz

i never loved James Corden more than right now. his face filled with happiness at the end just gave 50 years more of life

Mr Electrobog

Кто из україни или ис росии ставте лайк👍

itachi uchiha

I really only see "1 like 1 punch for john" same comments really annoys me. Idk why tho but its just same

_ MegaDenes


Artia Brown

Who else clicked on this video because we thought the teacher raped her friend ??

Ruby Gold

You guys are amazing

Tania Thompson

All of thome were my fav

lor jojo

done i love you so much ace family (i'm a girl) and Elle and Alaia a

Handsome WiiBoy

This song is from the s10

Ty: oh it's just a turtle

Reina Jimeno

Started crying when Ariel's hand shook when he saw the ring! You can tell he's so grateful for her!!

DaniellaDustz RMA

I’m just like that but not anorexia. I always feel like, when the teacher are mad at me, i just want to kill or suicide myself because to just teach me a lesson. My mom knows about it and contact my school. My HRT told my school council and i went to the meeting. I told her everything and it felt good. Now i can see her once a week just to tell her whats happening and if i need some advice.

Tell Me Have You Seen The Marvellous Bread Fish

What kind of 7 year old has a phone?


J Stone taking over 🔥🔥🔥


Can I get likes👀

Gaming Talk

Pubg mobile battle 2

Tanya Pearson

I still can't tell the difference between Cory and coby

Basim Ali

So we still know nothing about the actual movie...


I literally fell off my chair from that first Easter egg

Ayub Butt

Ty 1 shot was very funny

Eren Yiğit

Oh my god this seems uhh Good?